Greetings from the Head Editor

Welcome to Apostolos (formerly Mountaintop Thoughts), the online journal of the Covenant College Philosophy Club. We are a peer-reviewed journal dedicated to enabling academically rigorous dialogue between undergraduate philosophy students. We are now accepting paper submissions to be considered for publication.

Three types of articles will be published on Apostolos: those which have been presented in formal meetings to the Covenant College Philosophy Club, those which are submitted to the journal for online discussion by undergraduates, and special pieces written by Covenant College alumni and faculty.

Any undergraduate student is qualified to submit a paper for online discussion. We intend to approve for publication those submissions that are clearly written, high quality philosophical research papers formatted according to Chicago style.

Authors with prospective papers should email two Microsoft Word documents to The first document should contain the author’s name, year of graduation, and contact information. The second should contain their paper (minus any identifying remarks, like the author’s name), an abstract of their paper (100 words or less), and a list of four key words.  Once submitted, the editors will contact the author with an acceptance decision in a timely manner. If an author’s paper is accepted, she is responsible for making any changes suggested by the editors and resubmitting her paper by email in an equally timely manner. Authors are also responsible for emailing a completed license to publish form (supplied by the editors) with their final submissions. All papers considered by the editors are received on the assumption that they are not being simultaneously considered by any other publication.

Undergraduates who are interested in discussing a paper published on Apostolos can leave comments. Comments must be thoughtful, relevant, and charitable. Any comments on a published paper which do not meet these requirements will not be approved by the editors to appear on Apostolos.

We hope Apostolos will allow serious students of philosophy to expose their papers to friendly criticism, and join in constructive debate. Most of all, we hope that by seeking wisdom and truth this forum may honor and glorify the Truth and Wisdom of God, Jesus Christ.


Head Editor,

Moriah Miller